Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1985 Thundercats-Panthro

A shining example of  an action figure line low on articulation and oozing with awesomeness! While I am not a ginormous Thundercats aficionado, I can't deny the cool concept of feral feline/human hybrids with martial arts ability! Of the four main characters, Panthro is easily my favorite. IMO, certain figures can get away with  limited articulation depending on the popularity of the characters they represent. These were a little more expensive then G.I. figures were which Is probably why I never collected, but always wanted them as a kid. One day I'll have to hunt down Panthro's vibrant blue and red nun chucks. They really are what  makes this figure! Panthro really is a neat action figure and here are my 5 points to prove it !
  • Red eyed panther/human hybrid nun chuck wielding martial artist
  • Great dark to light blue color scheme
  • studded battle harness
  • sturdy,durable
  • Punching/nun chuck swinging gimmick 


  1. Definitely the best Thundercat ever! And I love your five (bullet) points for every review gimmick. Very clever!

  2. Love it! I plan on scoring one of these sometime for myself in the future.

  3. I'd like to eventually add a Lion o to the mix as well sometime. Panthro misses his compadres !

  4. This one is way better then the new one that was released a few years ago.

  5. I actually liked that newer line of T-Cat figs. Never completed the set, though. No surprise there.