Sunday, July 6, 2014

Star Wars Saga Legends - R2-D2 (electronic lights and sounds)

Here Is a perfect example of a popular character taking precedence over articulation.I know,R2 Is a droid and really doesn't need all those fancy schmancy joints most regular action figures have.But there are some R2 figures with more than just 5 points of articulation that feature the spinning head, unlike this one.But that's cool because my R2 makes all sorts of droid sounds AND lights up!Need more proof?

  • Anything "Star Wars" related rocks!
  • Makes cool sounds and lights up
  • Not as expensive as more articulated versions,but just as cool
  • Blends in with all lines of  3 3/4 Star Wars figures
  • It's R2!


  1. This looks so nice with that light up feature.

    1. Awe it really is John!One press of the button and those droid sounds can brighten anybodys day

  2. Thats pretty neat. I would have loved that when I was a kid.