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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Marvel Miniature Figures

The cool thing about these miniature Marvel figures put out by Toy Biz and Hasbro is the articulation. While sporting a little less than 5 points, each of them is posed in a unique way, armed  and ready to do battle. Any kid looking to take their Marvel adventures on-the-go could easily do so as most of these miniature figures measure about 1 inch and a half, give or take, and are portable enough to stuff inside your pocket ,stashed for future play sessions. While some of them have their corresponding weapons, Cap with his shield and Punisher with his small arsenal, all accessories are attached and cannot be removed, which is a good thing when your dealing with figures this size. Although, I must say that a removeable shield, at this scale, would have been pretty ef-ing awesome !The Toy Biz miniatures are easily distinguishable from the newer released Hasbro figs because of their height, heftiness and die - cast  sculpts. Safe to say you didn't want to piss off a friend who just so happened to be holding a Toy Biz die-cast Apocalypse figure in his throwing hand. The Hasbro figures are pretty awesome in their own right, sporting decent paint apps that pail in comparison to the  Toy Biz minis. Also, I have a hard time getting them to stand up when displaying or taking pics. Namely the Iron Man figure. The bright spot lies in the level of detail and addition of accessories for characters like Punisher and Captain America.You can't go wrong with Marvel miniature poseable figures and here are my 5 points to prove it.....

  • Portable
  • Poseable
  • Easier to build backdrops and dioramas for
  • Great for comparison pics next to bigger figures
  • Huge assortment of characters to choose from (Toy Biz or Hasbro) 




Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kenner 1990 Ghostbusters (Slimed Heroes ) - Winston Zeddmore V.6

Winston here has been in my collection for a little while now, I just can't remember where I got It from. I think It may have been either Buzzchuck from Action Figure Adventures or Jason Vorhees from My 2nd Toy Blog. Either way It's a great little figure but an extremely sad one. You see I've been meaning to find his proton pack/accessories as well as add a couple more GB's to the mix but haven't been able to. Ghostbusters figures are super expensive on Ebay and so are the accessories.So until they see a major price droppage , I'm afraid that  Zeddmore will continue to fly solo. This Is actually  Winston Zeddmore's sixth action figure in a  Ghostbusters line that began way back in 1986!The final line of figures released in 1991 I believe,after a long and successful  run.This version of Winston Zeddmore came with a ghost that would squirt ice cold water on the figure, revealing pink slime stains all over Winston's uniform.The great thing about this "Slimed Heroes" wave  is that they are actually  recasts of the  original,1986  line of Ghostbusters figures.

  • Based on popular live action  80's film and cartoon series!
  • cool "slimed" gimmick when wet with ice cold water .Mine doesn't work anymore :(
  • Same mold as the original 1986 line of Ghostbusters figures
  • Cool accessories If you can manage to find them or a complete/carded figure
  • sturdy and easy to stand/display


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Star Wars Saga Legends - R2-D2 (electronic lights and sounds)

Here Is a perfect example of a popular character taking precedence over articulation.I know,R2 Is a droid and really doesn't need all those fancy schmancy joints most regular action figures have.But there are some R2 figures with more than just 5 points of articulation that feature the spinning head, unlike this one.But that's cool because my R2 makes all sorts of droid sounds AND lights up!Need more proof?

  • Anything "Star Wars" related rocks!
  • Makes cool sounds and lights up
  • Not as expensive as more articulated versions,but just as cool
  • Blends in with all lines of  3 3/4 Star Wars figures
  • It's R2!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Generic $1 Military Figure!

Shame, shame, shame. How In the world can I segue from  "80's action figure icon ,Panthro", to a horrible looking piece of one dollar plastic? Easily. You see, this is what 5 Points And Proud Is all about. One day you'll see greatness and the next  some generic action figure that fits the 5 points of articulation or less, profile. The truth is, this generic military figure has very little reason to feel proud . In fact it wasn't the figure ,but the riot gear accessories that drew me in for a closer look, while skimming the Dollar Tree toy aisle with my daughter yesterday. Check out the megaphone and the battering ram, two accessories that are rarely seen packaged with modern day Joe figures. And while the swiveling cannon is not exactly a "HAL" laser, It's still pretty cool looking. The riot shield is amazing and would be  perfect for a custom Super Trooper figure. So yeah, technically this is a blog about action figures, but today the accessories get all the glory, and here are my 5 points to prove it!
  • 1 f#$^*!# dollar!
  • 1 f#$^*!# dollar!
  • 1 f#$^*!# dollar!
  • Awesome accessories!
  • 1 f#$^*!# dollar!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1985 Thundercats-Panthro

A shining example of  an action figure line low on articulation and oozing with awesomeness! While I am not a ginormous Thundercats aficionado, I can't deny the cool concept of feral feline/human hybrids with martial arts ability! Of the four main characters, Panthro is easily my favorite. IMO, certain figures can get away with  limited articulation depending on the popularity of the characters they represent. These were a little more expensive then G.I. figures were which Is probably why I never collected, but always wanted them as a kid. One day I'll have to hunt down Panthro's vibrant blue and red nun chucks. They really are what  makes this figure! Panthro really is a neat action figure and here are my 5 points to prove it !
  • Red eyed panther/human hybrid nun chuck wielding martial artist
  • Great dark to light blue color scheme
  • studded battle harness
  • sturdy,durable
  • Punching/nun chuck swinging gimmick