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Friday, January 30, 2015

Funko Reaction - Predator/Snake Plissken

Finally, a little 5 point fodder!When  Funko announced that It would be releasing a line of  3 3/4 action figures,limited in articulation and  based on  1980's  pop culture iconic films like Predator,Back To The Future,Alien,Goonies,etc., the toy  collecting community went nuts!I have to admit to not being as enthusiastic about the news,but I did think the idea was cool.The only figures I wanted from this line were the Goonies and while I have passed by them many times,I have yet to pull the trigger.The Predator would have been second on my list ,and thanks to John from Robot Monster Space Super Hero,I can scratch him off :)The Snake Plissken  figure I'm not too crazy about but maybe that will change once I finally watch Escape From New York.I really don't know where to display these guys as they are too recent to place in my vintage display,and too vintage looking to place In my display of newer figures.I may have to create a separate area for them. That's pretty much the only knock I have against them,other than that,for what they are,they are decent little figures.

  • 80's themed pop culture icons
  • Available pretty much everywhere,now
  • Wide variety
  • Pretty durable for a contemporary product
  • Great conversation piece

Now all we need Is a Dutch figure

Funko pulls off the vintage vibe incredibly well