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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

McDonald's Premiums-Muppet Babies (1987)

I love 5.Points.and.Proud! because It allows me to change gears and take a little break from the world of hyper articulated figures.It's a place to unwind and take In the beauty of  a simpler kind of figure,without having to worry about a pose-able finger or swivel toes.As you already know ,this site Is dedicated to figures with 5 points of articulation or less,but all must be worthy!And when It came to McDonald's premiums,none were more worthy than the Muppet Babies!Not only did you get a figure ,but you also got an awesome vehicle/accessory that could be used by most of the other characters that were available.As much as I acted like I was too cool for Muppet Babies as a kid,the force was strong with them.The lure was unavoidable and on more than one occasion I found myself pulling off Skateboard tricks with Kermit and driving off ramps with Fozzie!Unfortunately Gonzo eluded me and I was only able to round up Kermit,Fozzie and Miss Piggy,but all are equally awesome!Why should you hop online right now and get yourselves a set?

  • For a vintage item from a popular franchise,the set can be had for a relatively low price on Ebay 
  • Instantly go back in time every time you look at these guys on display
  • Your girlfriend will like them,too!
  • Accessories like skateboards and mini cars feature rolling wheels and foot pegs for interchangeability! 
  • Everybody loves the Muppets!