Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kenner-Michael Knight

I'm pretty excited about finally being able to add this figure to my vintage collection.Slowly but surely I've been able to re-acquire figures that made the biggest impression on me as a youngster ,growing up in the 80's.I never owned this figure as a kid but always wanted to.Another shout out to Brother Midnight for assisting me In my vintage action figure quests!

  • Durable
  • Vintage/Iconic Character
  • Essential to any 80's related toy collection 
  • Easy to find and acquire either by trade or online
  • Looks awesome on display


  1. Im glad I was able to help you out on your quest! I have no idea where I even got this guy from.

  2. Not all '80s toys scream their '80s-ness, but this one totally does!

    1. I almost wrote the exact thing down as one of bullet points lol!This toy really does scream Vintage!

  3. Nice! I had the larger scale one with knee joints as a kid.

  4. I didnt know they had a bigger scaled version.Im wondering If i can find a generic similar scale vehicle for this fig.