Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Star Wars ROTJ 1983-Chief Chirpa

Now,correct me If I'm wrong.Do die-hard Star Wars fans have something against Ewoks? If so, what exactly was their beef with them because I'd really like to know.On more than one occasion I've stumbled across posts with their fair share of Ewok rants but I never stayed long enough to get to the heart of the subject matter.Personally I loved the Ewoks in ROTJ and always loved the way the figures looked.Thanks to Buzz(Kevin) over at Action Figure Adventures,I am now a proud owner of Chief Chirpa. I can't ,off the top of my head,remember any specific Chief Chirpa scenes from the movie but as a whole I always thought that Ewoks rocked!I believe most of the Ewok figures had removable hoods and each had a distinct look to them.I recently read that Chief Chirpa was released In a light Gray and an off White variant.Not really sure what mine Is although I'm leaning towards off white.Below are 5 reasons to make It a point to go out and grab up a couple of Ewok figs for your collection!

  • Star Wars figures are iconic,even the not so popular ones
  • Great for army building
  • Switchable/removable hoods
  • Size makes them perfect for office and work display
  • Makes for great outdoor pics 


  1. Im not a Star Wars fan but I do like the Ewoks and the Jawas.The only newer Star Wars figures I have gone out of my way to buy are Ewoks and Jawas.

  2. Jawas are cool and id like to add a newer released version to my collection but I hate paying full price for half of a figure.I think two Jawas should sell for the price of one figure Imo.

  3. Star Wars fans hated C3P-O at first. Then the hate was aimed art the Ewoks. No everybody hates Jar Jar as the most annoying Star Wars character.

    1. I didnt mind Jar Jars personality so much as I did the cgi they used on him.Roger Rabbit interacted better with his live counterparts than Jar did.

  4. Personally I love the Ewoks, and I always have!