Saturday, April 30, 2016

1985 TOHO - Godzilla 6"

I flipped out when I saw this listed on eBay for 13 dollars and a couple bucks shipping or best offer.  I flipped   because I thought this was the bigger scaled version.The listing didn't provide any size descriptions,only that the figure was a little dusty and needed a bath.I didn't pull the trigger right away,but quickly shot a message over to the vendor.The seller replied promptly only to verify what I had suspected all along.This was, indeed, the 6 " version.I still wanted It because size aside,this was truly an iconic 80's figure.It was a smaller version of the one that I owned as kid and I just had to have It.Surprisingly ,the seller accepted my offer of  9 dollars,so a total of about 11 bucks shipped!The figure was pretty beat up and full of a white substance,which could have been anthrax for all I know.But  a nice warm soap and water  bath made my eleven dollar purchase look like a million bucks!The same  detailed airbrushing and silver paint apps are as prevalent on Lil G as they are on Big G.I think the smaller scale Is ideal when It comes to picking up larger than life characters like Godzilla,King Kong,Transformers etc. It's easier to build around them,plus ,they are cheaper.  I'm a Dollar Tree visit away from picking up some double headed dragons to duel It out with my new Godzilla fig ;)

Why do you need to go out and get yourself an  80's   TOHO Godzilla six incher ?

  • It's not $40!           
  • Vintage greatness that adds class to  your 80's toy display            
  • Easy to display and build around
  • It's made by TOHO and TOHO Is a fun word to pronounce.It makes you sound like a caveman.
  • Godzilla.Nuff said.                                                                                                        


  1. I love that figure. I got mine for my 6th birthday from my life long best friend.

  2. Love it! I had one for a while but ended up selling off most of my Godzilla collection a couple years ago. Wish I held on to this one!

  3. He's quite the charmer,Eric.Now I need an 80's style Kong!

  4. He reminds me of a knockoff Godzilla I had growing up, except mine didn't have the spines on the back.

    I bet he would go great with some of the 6" Ultraman vinyls.

  5. Yes!One of those Ultraman figs is on my list!