Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flash Gordon 1979 - Ming

Flash Gordon was a big name In tv and on the big screen from the late 30's up until the 80's.More ,less popular,shows and cartoon's would follow up into the   late 90's.The Flash Gordon film that released In 1980 Is what  stands out in my mind the most.That would be my first exposure to the franchise.This figure,however,is based on the 1979 cartoon series.

Put aside the fact that my Ming figure is in dire need of some Grecian 5,and take in  its simple awesomeness!The late 70's and early 80's were laden with these types of  minimalistic action figures,thanks to Kenner's Star Wars figures and Mattel.I'm assuming Mattel saw Kenner's successful toy design and followed suit.Ming has 4 simple points of articulation  at the arms and legs.Surprisingly there is no head articulation.In fact,the whole line might  be the same. I think maybe Flash has head articulation.But remember,articulation isn't what grants you a spot on 5.Points.And .Proud.On contraire .Around these parts,ya gotta have 5   points or less.Why do you need a Flash Gordon - Ming figure In your life?

  • These figures are nostalgia at it's best!You can't look at one without a ton of childhood memories flooding your memory banks!
  • Colorful assortment of figures in the line and I believe there are only 9 In the set. 
  • Pretty durable for a pre 80's figure.I guarantee something will break on your GI Joe If dropped from a top shelf.Not the case with these guys.
  • While many of the figures in this line are a bit on the pricey side,Ming here isn't. A decent Ming figure with good paint will run you anywhere under 10 bucks.
  • A great way to start off your vintage collection.


  1. Flash , Dr.Zarkov and Arak had moving heads the rest didnt .My favorite of this line is the lizard woman.

  2. Yeah,i thought so.Lizard woman does look pretty cool.I may just add Flash from the line and call it a day.Not interested in having the set.