Thursday, April 21, 2016

1983 Kenner( Poseable) - Care Bears

I wanted to get things rolling "again" here on 5 Points And Proud exactly one year to date,but It seems I'm a few days late.No worries.I'm back ,regardless,looking at all things great with 5 points of articulation or less.But before I get started,I want to reiterate that our new collector forum Toy-Disorderly Is open for business.Don't hesitate to click on the link and give some of our content a read.If you find something that interests you then you can register and  give us your thoughts on any of the given subjects. We've had some interesting conversations already ,to say the least,and a fresh point of view Is always welcomed.Don't be 'fraid ;)Now,on to the figures.

How can anyone who grew up In the 80's say no to these three adorable faces.I sure couldn't. I've been needing something different to spruce up my 80's shelf of collectibles and I didn't want to overcrowd It with just your run of the mil action figures. I needed some fresh faces to represent that awesome era that was the 80's,and In these three colorful Care Bears I have just that!Care Bears are filled with personality,and It shows,literally.On their tum ,tums.I'm not big on the teddy bears  ,but a  3 inch plastic, pose-able  bear with a hair do Is right up my alley. You can't resist playing with these little guys once you have them in-hand.These came to me pretty dinged up,but I can live with that.They're still pretty damn epic.  

Good Luck Bear

Wish Bear

Cheer Bear

Why do you need some Care Bear In your life?Below are 5 reasons why.

  •   80's royalty right here guys.Nothing epitomizes the era like a Care Bear. They're  Iconic.         
  • Not very expensive.I picked up three for 8 bucks shipped.I can dig that.                                  
  •  Only 15 of them to collect!                                                                                                           
  •   Small and easy to display.                                                                                                             
  •   Multi-Colored!Pop on display!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. Good luck bear was always my favorite ( also grumpy)

  2. I'd like to track down a grumpy bear at some point.

  3. Nice! Are there really only 15 of them? Good to know!

  4. That's it,J.There are a few more that came out later,Care Bear cousins.They weren't bears,though,.One was an elephant the other a lion,not sure what the rest were.Here's a nice site to check out

  5. I really need to find the ones we had lying around here! Although customizing them into Terror Bears may be difficult since they all have the colored tufts of hair. More modern versions of these don't have 'hair', they may be a better template for my needs.

  6. I just saw the re-released 5 pack at a local Wal Mart for 10 bucks on clearance.I almost bit but chose to go with the vintage instead.