Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cyberforce - Code Orange (1995)

Today we take a look at the Cyberforce-Code Orange set,with Battle Stryker and Buzzcut!This Is my favorite set of the six that are available,and Buzzcut has alot to do with that.He's an amazing figure with alot going on as far as weapons go.With two different kinds of saws and a claw attachment at the end of  three massive cybernetic arms,he's not going down without a helluva fight.The sculpt itself Is pretty damn cool and the added articulation Is a plus with these little figures. Buzzcut has a swivel waist and two points of arm articulation,one at the shoulder  and a separate one for the saw equipped arm. Buzzcut Is the best figure of all six sets in my opinion.

Battle Stryker Isn't far behind Buzzcut as far as awesomeness goes.I'm really digging the multiple,robotic arm theme going on here.In fact I think an entire team of soldiers similar to Stryker,with multiple cybernetic arms and legs would make for a kick ass comic book! I don't know If you take requests Orniphus,but how about drawing that up for me ;)Anyways,Stryker features waist and arm articulation,allowing him to aim any one of  his three equipped firearms. 

5 persuasive points below that warrant a little Cyberforce love!

  • Very seldom do you get two quality figures In one pack,usually one of them lacks. Here you get two top notch,battle ready figures!
  • Durable and solid,especially Buzzcut. He's a chunky one!
  • Like all mini figures,these guys make great desktop companions.Shove em' In your pocket,display em' on your window ledges,throw them at your dog.They're very versatile!
  • Cyberforce has a track record,not a long one,but significant enough to go back and do some extensive research on.Back issues now available at your local comic shops!
  • Bright,over the top 90's comic nostalgia right In the palm of your hand!You can't ask for more than that.        


  1. He is John!Id love a 3 3/4 version :)

  2. Found your site via one of the other blogs. Nice place. Check it out, I doodled you a logo...