Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mattel Secret Wars !

This Is where Marvel really  had me by the gonads and pretty much sucked me in for good.I had always liked superheroes and whenever Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends  showed on t.v. I made It a point to sit and watch.I remember watching the old live Spider-Man and Captain America series as well,but It wasn't until I saw these bad boys hanging off the pegs at a local CVS pharmacy, that I would start to obsess over any and everything related to Marvel.My first recollection of owning any of Mattel's Secret Wars figures was of Captain America,but I'm not sure If I found him somewhere or If I bought It carded.He was definitely the first figure from the line I ever owned.The second?Dr.Doom!My mom and I would take walks,frequently,to the store for little odds and ends and on one visit to a local CVS  pharmacy I was lucky enough to find Dr.Doom! I'm surprised I didn't fall into a sewer with a missing manhole cover because I read that card back and looked at the figure inside that packaging the whole walk home.I needed to know more about this "Secret" war going on between some of my favorite comic book heroes!I quickly got home and tried decoding what was going on by somehow piecing together the shield lenses to try to get some sense of what was going on,but ultimately succumbed to my imagination and created my own little secret war between Captain America and Dr.Doom.It was later on that I would discover the Secret Wars series of comics and realize that one really had nothing to do with the other.There was no Daredevil or Baron Zemo in the comic version  and the story arcs were different. Didn't matter, though, because the figures rocked all the same.Needless to say these are some of my favorite items, currently, In my collection. They've been a mainstay and will continue to be for a long time, and here are my 5 reasons why ;)

  • Amazing color,sculpt
  • Great battle poses/closed fist make up for lack of articulation
  • Small but nice selection of  Marvel's more prominent characters
  • Durable 
  • Awesome likeness to comic counterparts

    Favorite Spider Man figure EVER!


    I always loved how Doom was able to carry both weapons when not in use.. 

Favorite Iron Man figure EVER!

Can this this look anymore like Doc Ock!


  1. They look the business, I've always wanted that Doom figure. The Secret Wars playset is one I always wanted as well, I'd love it for the Marvel Universe or GI Joe figures.

    1. That might be the first vintage playset I pick up.Its been on Ebay a couple of times cheap.

    2. For sure itt 's the only one I'm interested in owing to it's far out sci-fi styling, better to me than a Flagg any day.

  2. I still think this is one of the best marvel lines of all time! On a basic , fun play level these guys cant be beat. Nothing kills the play time fun for a kid faster then having one of the two dozen joint on a Marvel legends brake in the middle of battle, These guys are nearly indestructible.I still need Electro and constrictor but lucked out a few years ago and won a cheap Iceman the was listed on ebay "hero snowman toy".

  3. Lol!Here's hoping I come across a "Black Flying Bird Man w/wing accessories,might be from DC comics" listing.

  4. This reminds me i need to round of a Dr.Doom action figure sometime lol. Great stuff here Tony.

  5. Love that line. I wish their paint deco was a little more durable.

  6. I agree Kev.I was lucky to find some decent ones with good paint.

  7. YES! I loved the scant Secret Wars figures I had. For some odd reason I only had three, but what a triumvirate it was: Dr. Doom, Wolverine, and Iron Man!

    I re-acquired a mint Iron-Man a few years back, and have a roughed-up Wolvie and Doom, and a pretty decent Captain America.

    As a kid I really wanted Doc Ock. His action figure just looked so awesome!

  8. They were a simple design but loads of fun!I dont usually do repops of older figures but Im all for the continuation of this line.I would have loved a Beyonder figure !