Sunday, February 3, 2019

Kenner Starting Lineup

1988 marked the debut of Kenner's sports themed  action figure line ,Starting Lineup.I think Kenner played It smart with these figures,giving them just enough articulation to please the kiddos while still giving them the appearance of a statue for the older sports  memorabilia collectors.Many of the figures shared similar head and body sculpts but some of the more well known stars got their own distinct head sculpts. You gotta give It to Kenner for taking a chance and really for being the catalyst behind the whole sports themed action figure movement. Kenner's run would last 13 years ,a span that see releases of  NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL,Boxing,Golf and Track & Field   action figures!

  • Relatively cheap for a vintage figure
  • A nice way to introduce kids to sports
  • Collectibles that can be played with or kept in packaging for safe keeping
  • Displays nicely loose or carded
  • A gazillion players to choose from! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flash Gordon 1979 - Ming

Flash Gordon was a big name In tv and on the big screen from the late 30's up until the 80's.More ,less popular,shows and cartoon's would follow up into the   late 90's.The Flash Gordon film that released In 1980 Is what  stands out in my mind the most.That would be my first exposure to the franchise.This figure,however,is based on the 1979 cartoon series.

Put aside the fact that my Ming figure is in dire need of some Grecian 5,and take in  its simple awesomeness!The late 70's and early 80's were laden with these types of  minimalistic action figures,thanks to Kenner's Star Wars figures and Mattel.I'm assuming Mattel saw Kenner's successful toy design and followed suit.Ming has 4 simple points of articulation  at the arms and legs.Surprisingly there is no head articulation.In fact,the whole line might  be the same. I think maybe Flash has head articulation.But remember,articulation isn't what grants you a spot on 5.Points.And .Proud.On contraire .Around these parts,ya gotta have 5   points or less.Why do you need a Flash Gordon - Ming figure In your life?

  • These figures are nostalgia at it's best!You can't look at one without a ton of childhood memories flooding your memory banks!
  • Colorful assortment of figures in the line and I believe there are only 9 In the set. 
  • Pretty durable for a pre 80's figure.I guarantee something will break on your GI Joe If dropped from a top shelf.Not the case with these guys.
  • While many of the figures in this line are a bit on the pricey side,Ming here isn't. A decent Ming figure with good paint will run you anywhere under 10 bucks.
  • A great way to start off your vintage collection.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

1985 TOHO - Godzilla 6"

I flipped out when I saw this listed on eBay for 13 dollars and a couple bucks shipping or best offer.  I flipped   because I thought this was the bigger scaled version.The listing didn't provide any size descriptions,only that the figure was a little dusty and needed a bath.I didn't pull the trigger right away,but quickly shot a message over to the vendor.The seller replied promptly only to verify what I had suspected all along.This was, indeed, the 6 " version.I still wanted It because size aside,this was truly an iconic 80's figure.It was a smaller version of the one that I owned as kid and I just had to have It.Surprisingly ,the seller accepted my offer of  9 dollars,so a total of about 11 bucks shipped!The figure was pretty beat up and full of a white substance,which could have been anthrax for all I know.But  a nice warm soap and water  bath made my eleven dollar purchase look like a million bucks!The same  detailed airbrushing and silver paint apps are as prevalent on Lil G as they are on Big G.I think the smaller scale Is ideal when It comes to picking up larger than life characters like Godzilla,King Kong,Transformers etc. It's easier to build around them,plus ,they are cheaper.  I'm a Dollar Tree visit away from picking up some double headed dragons to duel It out with my new Godzilla fig ;)

Why do you need to go out and get yourself an  80's   TOHO Godzilla six incher ?

  • It's not $40!           
  • Vintage greatness that adds class to  your 80's toy display            
  • Easy to display and build around
  • It's made by TOHO and TOHO Is a fun word to pronounce.It makes you sound like a caveman.
  • Godzilla.Nuff said.                                                                                                        

Thursday, April 21, 2016

1983 Kenner( Poseable) - Care Bears

I wanted to get things rolling "again" here on 5 Points And Proud exactly one year to date,but It seems I'm a few days late.No worries.I'm back ,regardless,looking at all things great with 5 points of articulation or less.But before I get started,I want to reiterate that our new collector forum Toy-Disorderly Is open for business.Don't hesitate to click on the link and give some of our content a read.If you find something that interests you then you can register and  give us your thoughts on any of the given subjects. We've had some interesting conversations already ,to say the least,and a fresh point of view Is always welcomed.Don't be 'fraid ;)Now,on to the figures.

How can anyone who grew up In the 80's say no to these three adorable faces.I sure couldn't. I've been needing something different to spruce up my 80's shelf of collectibles and I didn't want to overcrowd It with just your run of the mil action figures. I needed some fresh faces to represent that awesome era that was the 80's,and In these three colorful Care Bears I have just that!Care Bears are filled with personality,and It shows,literally.On their tum ,tums.I'm not big on the teddy bears  ,but a  3 inch plastic, pose-able  bear with a hair do Is right up my alley. You can't resist playing with these little guys once you have them in-hand.These came to me pretty dinged up,but I can live with that.They're still pretty damn epic.  

Good Luck Bear

Wish Bear

Cheer Bear

Why do you need some Care Bear In your life?Below are 5 reasons why.

  •   80's royalty right here guys.Nothing epitomizes the era like a Care Bear. They're  Iconic.         
  • Not very expensive.I picked up three for 8 bucks shipped.I can dig that.                                  
  •  Only 15 of them to collect!                                                                                                           
  •   Small and easy to display.                                                                                                             
  •   Multi-Colored!Pop on display!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

McDonald's Premiums-Muppet Babies (1987)

I love 5.Points.and.Proud! because It allows me to change gears and take a little break from the world of hyper articulated figures.It's a place to unwind and take In the beauty of  a simpler kind of figure,without having to worry about a pose-able finger or swivel toes.As you already know ,this site Is dedicated to figures with 5 points of articulation or less,but all must be worthy!And when It came to McDonald's premiums,none were more worthy than the Muppet Babies!Not only did you get a figure ,but you also got an awesome vehicle/accessory that could be used by most of the other characters that were available.As much as I acted like I was too cool for Muppet Babies as a kid,the force was strong with them.The lure was unavoidable and on more than one occasion I found myself pulling off Skateboard tricks with Kermit and driving off ramps with Fozzie!Unfortunately Gonzo eluded me and I was only able to round up Kermit,Fozzie and Miss Piggy,but all are equally awesome!Why should you hop online right now and get yourselves a set?

  • For a vintage item from a popular franchise,the set can be had for a relatively low price on Ebay 
  • Instantly go back in time every time you look at these guys on display
  • Your girlfriend will like them,too!
  • Accessories like skateboards and mini cars feature rolling wheels and foot pegs for interchangeability! 
  • Everybody loves the Muppets!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cyberforce - Code Orange (1995)

Today we take a look at the Cyberforce-Code Orange set,with Battle Stryker and Buzzcut!This Is my favorite set of the six that are available,and Buzzcut has alot to do with that.He's an amazing figure with alot going on as far as weapons go.With two different kinds of saws and a claw attachment at the end of  three massive cybernetic arms,he's not going down without a helluva fight.The sculpt itself Is pretty damn cool and the added articulation Is a plus with these little figures. Buzzcut has a swivel waist and two points of arm articulation,one at the shoulder  and a separate one for the saw equipped arm. Buzzcut Is the best figure of all six sets in my opinion.

Battle Stryker Isn't far behind Buzzcut as far as awesomeness goes.I'm really digging the multiple,robotic arm theme going on here.In fact I think an entire team of soldiers similar to Stryker,with multiple cybernetic arms and legs would make for a kick ass comic book! I don't know If you take requests Orniphus,but how about drawing that up for me ;)Anyways,Stryker features waist and arm articulation,allowing him to aim any one of  his three equipped firearms. 

5 persuasive points below that warrant a little Cyberforce love!

  • Very seldom do you get two quality figures In one pack,usually one of them lacks. Here you get two top notch,battle ready figures!
  • Durable and solid,especially Buzzcut. He's a chunky one!
  • Like all mini figures,these guys make great desktop companions.Shove em' In your pocket,display em' on your window ledges,throw them at your dog.They're very versatile!
  • Cyberforce has a track record,not a long one,but significant enough to go back and do some extensive research on.Back issues now available at your local comic shops!
  • Bright,over the top 90's comic nostalgia right In the palm of your hand!You can't ask for more than that.        

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cyberforce - Code Purple (1995)

The first thing that came to my mind when I first laid eyes on these figures  In a local hobby shop recently,were the old GUTS  mini figures,which were also a product of Mattel back In the mid to late 80's.The one difference that I noted was in some of the cut joints,allowing for certain parts of the sculpt to be posed and played with.The second thing to come to my mind was the 90's era of comics, with big haired protagonists who tended to look more like 80's Metal bands on steroids.Remember X-Force?The card art gives off  an X-Men vibe,and understandably so as the artist and creator of Cyberforce Is none other than Marc Sylvestri.Marc Sylvestri penciled the spin off Wolverine comics from 1990-1992. Cyberforce,however,was an Image comic and from what I've read,a pretty controversial one.Here's a  link to the back story as I'm pressed for time and need to get right into reviewing the figures.Each set Is color coded.This one being Code:Purple.

The first thing you'll notice about these figures Is that they are very fire arm heavy.I really dig that about these guys.Very reminiscent of  characters like Cable and Bishop.None of these figures have head movement.Instead they emphasize movement In their weaponized arms and waist.The paint on them Is pretty immaculate and the sculpts are nicely detailed with uniform creases,holsters and muscle tone showing nicely.Not pictured are the peg holes on the bottom of their feet.I guess there were also plans on vehicle and play set releases as stated on the card back.They also display and stand up easily.No tipping or falling over,although some of the sets I saw had most of the female figures with permanent stands attached.I am a serious opponent of permanently attached stands.        
Lets take a look at RIPCLAW!



This Is my personal favorite due to his awesome bio!

Below are  5 reasons why you should  pick up the Code: Purple set from the Cyberforce line of  heavily armed mini figs!
  • This may differ from shop to shop,but I got mine for 2 bucks!Not bad for three figures.
  • It's like G.I. Joe meets the X-Men.If you like mutants that carry big guns,then you'll like Cyberforce! 
  • Articulated In key ,weaponized areas allowing for a variety of poses.
  • Great color schemes,imperative for optimal display aesthetics. 
  •   Not many sets to collect,making It easier to complete your Cyberforce team of heroes and villains!